My name is Daniel Price and my tag name DPKOM is an ever evolving acronym that re-assures me of my path in life: Daniel Price King of.....Memphis Jookin, Marketing and Myself.


Memphis Urban Dance or MUD is the collaboration of the popular urban dance culture in Memphis Tennessee with the historical musicality of the city to produce a hotbed of some of the industry's top talents. Gangsta Walking and Memphis Jookin are different points in the same line of MUD evolution.


Local History

1991-2000: Since the age of 5, Daniel has thrived to one day be with the Memphis Urban Dance culture at the top of the performing arts world with Jazz, Ballet and the foundations of early street dance. His major influences come from his childhood exposure to a local Memphis dance style called the Gangsta Walk. The Gangsta Walk could rarely be found outside of clubs in "The Hood" but Daniel found a way to learn when high school kids took on the next generation of the culture. At age 15, he found and followed whoever knew something that he did not. It was the dawn of the internet video forum era and his lifetime of intrigue led to obsessions with The Robot Dance, 84' Michael Jackson,The Moonwalk, Jeffrey Daniels, Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" Chambers, and Mr. Wiggles. The movies Breakin' and Beat Street can be considered by many street dancers as the Holy Grail of American urban dance influence. He met many friends that were as serious as he was about growing the Memphis dance culture on the same level at a young age.

2001- 2005: Before he was an expert, he was already the very first person in the culture to actively sell VHS tutorials and show people the true magic within Memphis rap music beats. In Memphis, we would say "that s*it bumpin!!!". Little did he know, the sound of southern hip-hop was becoming the desired sound of hip- hop music's next generation. The perfect storm was rising for Daniel and his cultural aspirations. In 2003, Daniel began his journey to become a cultural King of Memphis like DJ Paul, Yo Gotti and Elvis Presley. Daniel's placement in a college prep public school had him surrounded by every neighborhood in Memphis. Matched with his ambition, his educational situation made him able to sell his dance tapes to a wide world of customers that spread the word like wildfire. By 2005, he was becoming the most known new era Memphis Jooker ever in the city. But with his major influences Jacquency, Bobo, and Gino already cemented in the new era, he could have never have the crown to himself. He still needed to make a major move for the culture. Unifying every generation was the only way.

2006-2009: In 2006, he helped to open the doors of UDIG Dance Academy with the founder, Tarrik Moore, and Daniel's dance group G-Force Entertainment (Dr. Rico and G-Nerd), which had collectively led the entire city's dance culture in talent show winnings for many years. At the same time, Memphis Jookin teamed up with a Memphis artist, Young Jai, who has gone on to become a prominent talent manager within the culture.. Since the culture's revolution, some of the most famous and highly statused urban dance celebrities have walked the doors of UDIG Dance Academy and learned Jookin including Charles "Lil Black" Riley, Ladia Yates, Ron Myles,LaShonte Anderson, Jonathan Foster and Keviorr Taylor. These people took Memphis Urban Dance to the world. Daniel only sewed a seed in his generation that would birth the continuing evolution of the culture. By 2007, he had become the undisputed King of Memphis Jookin, which helped to set off the television history that would be made next by his colleagues for years to come.

2010-2014: In 2010, with the assembly of himself, Tarrik Moore and Marico Flake, Daniel wrote a historical analytical dance manual about Memphis Jookin. The Jook Book is popular within the culture with those that teach and those that seek to expand their freestyle dance methodology. Today, in a culture of hundreds and thousands of fans, even millions for some dancers, Daniel is often recognized the as the "MJ" of Memphis Jookin. He is argued as the sole reason that Jookin grew to both educational and industrial levels by its founders. He didn't create it all, but he had it all on paper before it happened. Just by simply believing that more was to come for Jookin in the past and truly acting on it, Daniel and all of its major players attracted one another to help make it happen. The small steps they all made to bring back the legends of old have now made them legends the same, which assures that their mission continues with all of the culture's ancestors and descendants unified and growing together. Daniel took on a radical entrepreneurial task in the years ahead in an effort to exhibit independence from all that is the norm of surviving this world, aiming to conclude his dreams with an empire for Jookers to thrive on, built by him and his friends.

2015-Beyond: In 2015, The Daniel Price Award was created by the Memphis Battle Dance League to be an annual dance tournament ceremony that highlights a new era legend in the culture that was rising during or after the time of Daniel, who is now known as the G.O.A.T. of Memphis Jookin, signifying that he is arguably the Greatest Of All Time. Daniel is now in a mode of retirement, studying cultural anthropology at the University of Memphis in order to reveal the ideas needed in order to advance local art culture more independently for a better share of the long term creative credibility in the mainstream media.

National Reach

Through the internet, several of the nation's best street dancers have come into contact with Memphis Jookers and Daniel has communicated with his share. He has mentored several aspiring dancers with true knowledge of how to grow mentally as an artist, even when there was no desire to discuss Memphis dance in general. In 2012, Daniel choreographed Katori Hall's Broadway cast production of "Hurt Village", the story of the end of a historical downtown Memphis housing project from the 1950's. The play was set in 2004, a time when the Gangsta Walk would be a legacy from the 1980's that everyone knew about in "the hood". Daniel worked with known TV actors Ron C. Jones, Corey Hawkins, and Charlie Hudson III. It was an honor for him to teach them about Memphis style and culture, giving them a true sense of an actual Memphis male perspective, raw and uncut. The play debuted in the all New Signature Theater near Time Square in Manhattan, New York.

Global Influence

Daniel's tutorial through UDIG is not currently available on the market but upon release in 2007, over 300 copies of the Jookin: The Basics DVD series sold in over 36 countries around the world. Daniel has been contacted by world class street dancers in search of exotic approaches to competitive dance lifestyle for which Jookin completed the scope and sequence of street dance in America. Daniel has privately shared knowledge, videos and conceptual consultation to more than 100 dancers since 2007.


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